Facts About CCHD Grantees

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (‘CCHD’) is the official anti-poverty agency of the Catholic bishops in the United States. It was founded to bring about “the changes people needed to get themselves out of poverty”.

People Organized for Westside Renewal (‘POWER’) is a community activist organization based in Santa Monica, CA. Since 2003, POWER has received over $300,000 in cash grants from the CCHD.  These funds were collected from the people of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as part of the national CCHD collection every November.

Below is documentation of only some of POWER’s activities during the last few years. A common theme of recent campaigns from CCHD grantees is that we are the “99% vs the 1%”, that is, “It’s Us against Them”. Sometimes these campaigns even characterize whole groups of people as killers, warmongers, pigs, Death, and the like. Such language robs others of their human dignity and violates basic principles of Christian charity. It cannot but tend to foment resentment, create social unrest, instigate class warfare, and flame racial animosity, and as such is unworthy of support by Catholics, much less by our Bishops.

There are hundreds of recipient organizations in the recent history of CCHD and many in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that have similar goals and employ such tactics. The USCCB’s CCHD office knows this. The Archdiocese’s Office of Life, Justice, and Peace knows this. The Archdiocesan CCHD office knows this. And now you know it too.

POWER is just one of the many CCHD-funded ‘community organizing’ groups with goals and using tactics such as you see here. Year after year, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development takes no notice.

But will this story be told on November 23 when parishioners are asked by the Archbishop of Los Angeles and by their pastors to contribute to this organization and many others like it?

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