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Grant Recipient Dishes Up Hate; CCHD Pays the Check

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Another Catholic Campaign for Human Development grantee uses tactics contrary to Catholic teaching and Gospel principles.

CCHD grants are supposed to combat the “root causes of poverty”, but only within the Catholic principles of justice and charity. Read here how the Bishops’ grants to a favorite activist organization generate only the spiritual poverty of combativeness and contempt.


What Restaurant Opportunities Centers really does with CCHD grants

Following is a further example from among the 2014-15 CCHD grants approved and made by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles – this time to the Restaurant Opportunities Centers of Los Angeles (which is really based in New York City!).

ROC Press Release“A Senseless Act of Hate”

In a press release commenting about the shootings at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, ROC writes:

The mainstream media’s tendency to pathologize and dehumanize communities of color while presuming the individuality of white criminals maintains and reinforces our country’s systemic racism.     [emphasis added]
Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, June 18, 2015

The way ROC sees it, this horrific crime was committed not by one person, but by an entire class of people motivated by racial hatred. (Isn’t making that characterization also a senseless act of hate?)

Such tragic moments ought to be occasions for grace and healing, not seized upon as opportunities for lashing out at real or imagined enemies.

But then, condemning whole groups based on the acts of a few is ROC’s stock-in-trade. Currently their daily fare is vilifying owners of restaurants across America in the persona of their trade organization, the National Restaurant Association. This “Other NRA” (get it?) is so evil that no form of attack against them is too vile for ROC to employ.

Just this year, while under 2014-15 grants from the CCHD programs of the Archdioceses of Chicago and Los Angeles, ROC followed this plan of attack:

“The Enemy”

At a demonstration in Washington, DC on April 15, 2015, Saru Jayaraman, ROC co-founder, said:

It’s always the restaurant association that is the biggest enemy to raising wages. Always. And that why it’s important to know that the Other NRA is not just an enemy of restaurant workers. They are right now an enemy of all workers in America.

Big talk. But if you’re not swallowing it yet, she goes on to claim the restaurant industry is also responsible for the prevalence of diabetes and cancer in this country. (Watch it here. )

ROC wants you to know just how evil are the executives and lobbyists for the restaurant industry. So they prepared this cartoon video to illustrate the horrors going on behind the scenes in your favorite local eatery.


ROC’s Image of the National Restaurant Association

The cigar-smoking, chubby, bald guy, clearly identified as a representative of the (other) NRA, laughs while toxic bio-waste, metallic debris, and unidentified gloppy substances fall into the food being prepared in a restaurant kitchen.

And if this visual condemnation isn’t enough, at the end of the video, ROC puts more words in the mouth of the NRA man, who screams: “Stay out of the kitchen, G-d damn it!”

Blasphemy is the use of the name of God, of Jesus Christ, of the Virgin Mary, and of the saints in an offensive way. CCC 2162

Hey, Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Gomez, CCHD, is this not offensive? Or is it the Second Commandment that’s humorous?

Caricatures and cartoon antics can’t conceal ROC’s message of hate in urging 1 in 10 working Americans to regard their employers with contempt and hostility, as “the enemy”. With money contributed by Catholic parishioners, CCHD and ROC are intentionally “sowing discord among the brethren”, 12 million of them.

And the cherry on top of this frothing from the mouth is ROC’s claim that the National Restaurant Association is feeding us to death.

“They Kill More People”

The reason for the fact that you have the largest and fastest growing industry in American proliferating the absolute lowest paying jobs is the power of the National Restaurant Association, which we call the Other NRA. They really are, we like to say that they kill more people annual that [sic] the Rifle Association because of obesity. Saru Jayaraman, co-founder, ROC

You’d think Saru was talking about Planned Parenthood. Au contraire. Instead, she and ROC have enlisted some of Planned Parenthood’s closest friends to support the very work the CCHD has paid ROC to do.

Should this close partnership with organizations that strenuously oppose the fundamental values of the Catholic Faith disqualify the Restaurant Opportunity Centers from any CCHD grants? Read on.

ROC’s Partners

ROC United is a ‘partner’ with the Washington DC based Women’s Equality Center which states its primary goal thus:

Women’s Equality Center is a non-partisan project that brings together like minded organizations to respond to attacks on women’s reproductive health and freedoms, promote economic security and opportunity for women across the economic spectrum and build permanent capacity for groups who organize and represent women and their families. [Emphasis added]


Saru Jayaraman is featured on WEC’s main web page

The Women’s Equality Center says:

“I STAND WITH WOMEN to support pro-active policies to expand access to women’s health care, including birth control and abortion.”

WEC also stands with Planned Parenthood even after the recent revelations of PP’s sale of body parts of aborted babies.

“Why Tipping is Wrong”

Also, while under a grant from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, ROC enlisted as participants in their November 2014 ‘NotOnTheMenu’ campaign the MS Foundation, Equal Rights Advocates, HollaBack!, One Billion Rising & V-Day, and NOW. Each one of these allies in ROC’s campaign is a supporter of ‘reproductive rights’ and/or ‘same-sex marriage’.

V** Monologues, One Billion Rising, V-Day

MS Foundation

V** Monologues, One Billion Rising, V-Day




Equal Rights Advocates

The speakers at ROC’s event believe the practice of tipping your server should be abolished because it’s a “two-tier pay system” (base wage plus tips) and is thereby a primary cause of sexual harassment of restaurant employees. (You have to watch to understand.) As past of their misinformation campaign, ROC says some restaurant workers can be paid only $2.13 per hour. (That’s contrary to the federal minimum wage law.)

And as a topper, Saru claims the whole tipping thing is an “unfair system that dates from the days of slavery”. According to ROC, tipping is really just another kind of racism propagated for all these years by the restaurant industry. (However, if your dining party consists of 8 or more, then adding an “automatic gratuity” is not racist, but a moral imperative. See ROC’s #bringbackautograt campaign.)

Those D**n Lobbyists

Every year, ROC’s arch-nemesis, the National Restaurant Association, sends representatives to meet officials in Washington DC. But Saru Jayaraman, co-director of ROC United cannot abide that exercise in free speech:

They descend on Capitol Hill and they meet with every legislator on Capitol Hill to spread their message. … Today’s action is about actually stopping them. We’re going to set up a restaurant in the intersection to stop them from going to Capitol Hill.

On that occasion, April 15, 2015, ROC indeed resorted to blocking traffic to suppress the right of NRA representatives to speak with members of Congress.  (Watch here.) (You’d think someone at the CCHD headquarter in Washington could explain to ROC about Pope Francis’ admonition to “Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!” )

Perhaps ROC wants you to eschew “lobbying” as that nefarious activity in which only greedy, underhanded “special interests” engage. But from 2009 to 2013, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United spent over $240,000 on its own lobbying activities. And in 2014, it was disclosed that ROC had to amend its federal tax filings because it had for multiple years reported no expenditures for lobbying whatsoever.


Restaurant Opportunity Center United's 2012 Form 990

Restaurant Opportunity Centers United’s 2012 Form 990

In the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, failure to report is a big no-no. It ought to be for the CCHD too.

Getting a Piece of the ROC

Over the years CCHD grants to ROC have been ostensibly for advancing “Community Development – Workers’ Rights” in the restaurant industry, or the like. You can learn a lot about an organization by examining those who financially supports it. In recent years, various ROC activities and studies have been funded by these ideologically-driven foundations and politically-motivated contributors, some of which have given ROC really big money:

The Ford Foundation
The Open Society Foundations (George Soros)
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Ms. Foundation
The Women’s Equality Center
Department of Labor (Obama Administration)

You know these guys will get what they are paying for.

In the last 12 years, ROC has been the beneficiary of national grants from the USCCB CCHD office or of local grants from the Archdioceses of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, sometimes both national and local grants in the same year.

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (based in New York City) is the legal entity that receives grants given to ROC’s affiliates such as those in Los Angeles and Chicago. ROC New York, the NY affiliate, is a separate entity, but they share resources and goals. Their combined CCHD grants since 2002 (at least 18 of them) total over $400,000. National or local, in effect it’s the same money going to the same place for the same purpose. Every grant dollar was approved by a bishop.

The Pathology of the CCHD

The CCHD has a long enough history with ROC to be completely familiar with their tactics: like playing race cards, demonization of their opponents, alliances with advocates of abortion and ‘same-sex marriage’, and now even blasphemy.

But all that is OK if you believe the ends justify the means, or that St. Paul had it wrong,

“And why not do evil that good may come?—as some people slanderously charge us with saying. Their condemnation is just.” Rom 3:8

Apparently to the Bishops’ CCHD offices, the genuine Catholic principles of building harmony and cooperation just don’t matter when there’s an opportunity to mete out some tough social justice to the hated enemy. It shouldn’t be so. Gospel ends require Gospel means.

The annual CCHD national collection is coming soon in November. Why not see if your pastor knows about the tactics and affiliations of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers and other CCHD grantees. If he doesn’t, how can he ask for your money?