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Anti-Police Protests and the CCHD

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


There is a direct connection between recipients of Catholic Campaign for Human Development (‘CCHD’) grants and the anti-police protests in Los Angeles and across the country.


POWER (‘People Organized for Westside Renewal’, Santa Monica), is a recipient of $50,000 for the 2014-2015 grant period and of more than $300,000 from the CCHD in the last decade.

Last week, in response to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, POWER’s Executive Director wrote, “It’s time for us to get our bodies in the streets”; he then gave a place and time to join the protests in Los Angeles.

People of color face terrible injustice when interacting with police and the courts on a daily basis in Ferguson—and around the country.”

“It is not us, the movement, who should be on trial here, but our corrupt and immoral system that shields killers if they’re wearing a shield.”

“This fight is about justice for Mike Brown, and until we have justice, it is folly to expect peace.”

The sole comment about Ferguson on POWER’s Facebook page links and quotes an August Washington Post opinion piece: “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.


LA VOICE-PICO is the Los Angeles affiliate of the PICO Network (‘People Improving Communities Through Organizing’). LA VOICE-PICO is a current recipient of a $55,000 grant for 2014-2015 and has been given over $300,000 in local and national CCHD grants over the last decade.

At least 17 PICO Network affiliates are CCHD recipients in 2014-2015 and they have received over $1.6 Million from CCHD in the 2013 and 2014 grant years alone.

On November 24, PICO declared “the Ferguson Police Department and St. Louis County officials do not value Black livesand expressed their opposition to “heavy-handed police violence”.

Six weeks before the grand jury had finished its investigation of the facts, PICO had pre-judged the case and demanded indictment of the police officer. They said police should repent “for the murder of Michael Brown”.

PICO calls for civil disobedience “to build the growing movement against police violence” and “an end to the police abuse that continues to plague communities across the country”.

On their Facebook page PICO posts, “Ferguson is everywhere. Police are killing unarmed people of color all across the country. #ShutItDown
#ShutItDown is the movement that suggests protesters engage in the criminal and life-endangering tactic of blocking intersections and
freeways, as we have seen multiple times in Los Angeles.

Such blanket charges of racism, of unjustified violence by police officers everywhere, and the wholesale indictment of ‘the system’ accomplish none of the stated goals of the CCHD.

On the contrary, the philosophies and tactics demonstrated here infect the activities of these and many other organizations receiving funds from your parishioners via the CCHD. Calumny and provoking racial animosity are contrary to the Gospel.

All grants to these organizations are approved by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. So as he transfers his parishioners’ money to the CCHD account, does your pastor really believe they wish to fund these organizations and others like that them the CCHD has judged worthy?

Illegal and Anti-Police Protests in Los Angeles

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


For several days following announcement of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO, Los Angeles saw protesters in the streets. Some of these protesters vented anger specifically at Police Officers and engaged in dangerous and illegal activities.


 ProtestingPolice Anti-Police protests in Los Angeles continued all week after announcement of the Ferguson grand jury findings.


A protester hurls obscenities at a Los Angeles Police officer.View the video here.  ProtestingWithObscenity


 ThrowingBottleAtPolice Another protester throws a bottle at a Los Angeles Police officer.

View the video here.


 Blocking Intersections.  BlockingIntersections


 BlockingTheFreeway  Blocking the Hollywood (101) Freeway.